A few interesting stats about our organisation

We are a team of 125 people

Male and Female

Age groups

a culture based on trust
financial and non financial incentives
career progression opportunities
csr activities
We believe...

...that trust is key

A culture of trust is based on communication and integrity.
Relationship are based on trust, whether with our clients or colleagues,
therefore we strongly believe in developing a trustful working
relationship namely through:


An open door culture

Open communication lines

Ensuring that mistakes are learning opportunities

...in developing field leaders through training

In-house training together with professional support and mentoring
ensure that we provide an environment that builds and develops
the skills required to meet the demands and expectations of our customers
and our industry.

...in Teamwork

Our team works together to share ideas and insights. Since we are a multi-disciplinary organisation, employees teach each other with the aim of finding the best solutions to continually address new challenges efficiently and effectively.

The organisation believes that team building is an essential tool in bringing employees together through better collaboration and open communication.

...in bringing people together throughout the year through CSR initiatives

We love bringing everyone together and why not do it for a good cause?

Over the past year the Organisation has organised a number of events such as

Pink October
Blood Donation Drive
Financing the restoration of the Chapel dome of the Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral Museum



  • Competitive remuneration packages.
  • Benefits such as health insurance and mobile allowances are offered.
  • Attractive Bonus system.

Non Financial

  • Career advancement opportunities –
    exciting challenges and exposure to different practice areas, local and international clients with ample opportunities for development and growth.
  • A clear grade structure and key performance indicators provide clear targets for you to understand how to progress within the organisation.
  • We are a stable organisation that provides Job security.
  • Employee participation in Management committees.
  • Latest incentive introduced in 2019: On the occasion of the birth of a child all fathers are entitled to one day of government paid birth leave. In addition to this, the company offers four additional days of paid leave, therefore a total of 5 days are given.
"We value every employee"

international women's day

valentines day

quiz afternoon

team building activities

breakfast meetings

nutrition talks